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Diethylene Glycol
1. Terylene grade
2. Purity: 99.6%
3. CAS No.: 111-46-6

Supper grade of price, quality and service.
Strongly ability of offer and packing with new iron ...
Min. Order: 20 Tons
(1) HT199 white carbon black of high transparency, high ability of bolster-up and high wear-resistance.
Purpose: Mainly used for pharmaceutical, foodstuff additive, pesticide, dry ...
Min. Order: 20 Tons
Stearic acid flake

ISO9001: 2008 Certificate


Insoluble in water, soluble in ethanol, soluble in acetone, benzene, soluble in ethyl ether, chloroform, carbon ...
Min. Order: 20 Tons
Classification: Alcohol
CAS No.: 71-23-8
Other Names: 2-Propanol
EINECS No.: 200-746-9
Grade Standard: Industrial Grade
Purity: 99.7%min
Appearance: Colorless ...
Min. Order: 25 Tons
Name: Iron Oxide Red/Black/Green/Blue/Yellow
Other Names: Ferric oxide
CAS No.: 1309-37-1
MF: Fe2O3
Appearance: Powder

1. Coating, antirust pigment.
2. Tinting ...
Min. Order: 20 Tons
Industrial antioxidant, waterproof materials, and etching agent for the integrated circuit, raw material for polishing powder,

Formula CE(SO4)2. XH2O
CAS No. 13590-82-4 ...
Min. Order: 1 Ton
Formula Gd2O3
CAS No. 12064-62-9
Molecular Weight 362.50
Appearance White
Solubility Insoluble in water, moderately soluble in strong mineral acids
Stability Slightly ...
Min. Order: 1 Ton
Name: Ytterbium oxide

Property: White powder

Use: Sed in electric industry or scientific research.

Packing: Encapsulation by metal pail, plastic inner bag, 25 or 50 kg/per ...
Min. Order: 1 Ton
Rare Earth Chloride
1. Good quality
2. Purity: 99.0-99.99min
3. Competitive price
4. CAS No.: 19423-76-8
Min. Order: 1 Ton
Dysprosium Oxide Formula: Dy2O3
CAS No.: 1308-87-8
Molecular Weight: 373.00
Appearance: White
Solubility: Insoluble in water, moderately soluble in strong mineral acids ...
Min. Order: 1 Ton
Neodymium oxide(ND2O3)
Product Description
Neodymium Oxide
Formula: ND2O3;
RE purity: Min99.99%
RE impurities: Max100ppm CEO2max 30ppm Pr6O11max 10ppm ND2O3max 10ppm Sm2O3max ...
Min. Order: 2 Tons
Item Standard
Yb2O3/TREO (% min. ) 99.9999 99.999 99.99 99.9
TREO (% min. ) 99.9 99 99 99
Loss On Ignition (% max. ) 0.5 0.5 1 1
Rare Earth Impurities % max. % max. % max. % ...
Min. Order: 1 Ton
Product Description
Thulium OxideFormula TM2O3
CAS No. 12036-44-1
Molecular Weight 385.88
Appearance White
Solubility Insoluble in water, moderately soluble in strong mineral ...
Min. Order: 1 Ton
Citric Acid:
CAS No.: 77-92-9
Other Names: Citric acid anhydrous
MF: C6H8O7
EINECS No.: 201-069-1
Appearance: Colorless crystals or white crystal

Citric acid is a weak ...
Min. Order: 50 Tons
Terbium Metal Tb(rare earth metal Tb)
1. PURITY: TREM: 99.5% Tb/TREM 99.95%
2. Supply Specification: 15mm-25mm And Irregular Pieces
3. Product Type Rare Earth Metal
4. ...
Min. Order: 1 Ton
Lutetium OxideFormula: Lu2O3
CAS No.: 12032-20-1
Molecular Weight: 397.94
Appearance: White
Solubility: Insoluble in water, moderately soluble in strong mineral acids ...
Min. Order: 1 Ton
Product Description
Yttrium oxide
Formula: Y2o3; M. Wt: 225.82
Re purity: Min 99.999%

Re impurities: La2o3 max 0.5 ppm; CE2o3 max 0.5ppm; Pr6o11 max 0.5 ppm; ND2o3 max ...
Min. Order: 1 Ton
Product Description
Terbium Oxide
Formula: Tb4O7; M. Wt: 747.72
RE purity: Min99.99%

RE impurities: Max100ppm: Gd2O3max10ppm Dy2O3max5ppm Ho2O3max5ppm Er2O3max5ppm ...
Min. Order: 1 Ton
Pink powder. Insoluble in water, soluble in acid. Density of 8.64. Melting point 2378 ° C. Boiling point 3000 ° C.

Min. Order: 1 Ton
Other Names: Polyvinylchlorid MF: [-CH2-CHCl-]n
CAS No.: 9002-86-2
Packaging Detail: 25KG/BAG
Delivery Detail: Two weeks after order
Type: Synthetic Resin and Plastics ...
MF: C15H24O (C9H19C6H4OH )
CAS No.: 25154-52-3
EINECS No.: 246-672-0

Appearance: Clear colorless liquid

Used mainly for producing non-ion surfactant, the additive ...
Product Name: Zinc Oxide

Molecular formula: ZnO
CAS Number: 1314-13-2
Molecular weight: 81.39
Appearance: White Powder

25kg or 50kg in net PP bag, 20MT in the ...
White cube of crystal powder characters. Industrial goods often because contain magnesium oxide, alumina and trioxide impurities such as iron and show dark gray, light yellow or ...
Product Name: Copper sulfate pentahydrate
Molecular formula: CuSO4@5H2O
CAS: 7758-99-8
Blue crystal
Blue three inclined crystal is crystallization. ...
Min. Order: 20 Tons